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Fiscal Year 2018, Third Quarter
Current QPR Projects

ESD: Dewey's Creek Reach 2 Stream Restoration
ESD: Flat Branch (From Tributary A to Lomond Drive) / Watershed: Bull Run
ESD: Powells Creek 725 Phase 1 Stream Restoration
ESD: Reach 5 Stream Restoration / SWM Facility 489 Retrofit
ESD: SWM Facility #109 - Water Quality Retrofit
ESD: Tributaries to Powells Creek/Vista Drive and Lacrosse Court Tributaries
FCM: Gainesville Fire & Rescue Station # 4
FCM: Adult Detention Center Phase II
FCM: Central District Police Station
FCM: Coles District Fire and Rescue Station # 6
FCM: Fire and Rescue Station #26
FCM: Fire Station 22
FCM: Nokesville Fire & Rescue Station Reconstruction
FCM: PWC Animal Shelter Expansion
PW: Judicial Center Security Project
SW: Eco Park Complex
SW: Landfill Cap Design and Construction of Phase II, Sequence Four