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Fiscal Year 2017, First Quarter
Complete QPR Projects

ESD: Oak Street Channel Stabilization
ESD: Stream Bank Restoration at 7828 Oak Street/Watershed: Bull Run
ESD: Sudley Place Reforestation and Bioretention
ESD: SWM Facility 28 Retrofit
ESD: SWM Facility 494 Retrofit
ESD: SWM Facility 505 Retrofit
ESD: SWM Facility 77 Retrofit
ESD: SWM Facility 98 Retrofit
FC: Adult Detention Center Expansion and Renovation
FC: EVOC (Emergency Vehicles Operation Center)
FC: Garfield Police Sub-Station Motorcycle Shed
FC: Judicial Center Expansion
FC: Juvenile Detention Home Expansion - Phase II
FC: Phase III Administration Building
FC: Renovation of the Old PWC Courthouse in Manassas
FC: Western District Police Station
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