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Project Name: OEM: Strategic Planning
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Project Description: Prince William County strives to provide the best services to our Citizens. As such, Strategic Plans have been created using citizen input to ensure all voices are heard and all visions understood. This project began in FY 2001 and has continued to improve throughout the years. The current 2004-2008 Strategic Plan contained six goals: Community Development, Economic Development, Education, Human Services, Public Safety, and Transportaion. The four-year Strategic Plan is updated annually. The 2004-2008 Strategic Plan was created with input from the citizens of Prince William County to help the County achieve its long-term vision. As such, it provides policy guidance for service delivery and resource allocation decisions for the Board of County Supervisors, beginning with the development of the Fiscal 2004 budget.
Project Manager: Melissa Peacor     send an email
Alternate Manager: Laura Mortell     
Agency Name: OEM QPR?: Yes
Magisterial District: Brentsville, Coles, Potomac, Gainesville, Neabsco, Occoquan, Woodbridge
Original Budget: $57,838.00

Revised Budget:

Original Start Date: 1/1/1996

Revised Start Date:

Original End Date: 6/30/2014

Revised End Date:

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Budget Amount
Budget Amount
Funding Date

1. Funding was provided in FY00 to develop and implement the 2001-2005 Strategic Plan. Funding was carried over in subsequent fiscal years to update the Strategic Plan and develop the current 2004-2008 Strategic Plan.

$57,838.00 --- 7/1/2000
Total Amount: $57,838.00 $57,838.00

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Task/MileStone Start Date
Original Revised
End Date
Original Revised
1. Board develops Strategic Goals 7/31/2000 7/31/2000    
2. Board adopts goals/signifies intent to appoint Strategic Goal task force members 9/5/2000 9/5/2000    
3. Board appoints Strategic Goal task forces 9/12/2000 9/12/2000    
4. Strategic Goal Task Force Meetings 9/20/2000 12/20/2000    
5. Board Strategic Plan Worksessions 1/23/2001 1/29/2001    
6. Final Public Hearing/ Adoption of 2001-2005 Strategic Plan Education, Economic Development, Public Safety and Transportation goals 4/3/2001 4/3/2001    
7. Final Public Hearing - Adoption of Human Services Strategic Goal 7/24/2001 7/24/2001    
8. Strategic Plan presentation to Management Staff to begin countywide implementation 9/26/2001 9/26/2001    
9. Five Strategic Goal Task Forces are formed, one for each goal area. Task Forces are multi-agency and are charged with prioritizing and coordinating the implementation of strategies and objectives toward achieving the adopted community outcomes. 1/15/2002 12/31/2005    
10. Status Updates to BOCS - A status report for each Strategic Goal area was presented in a Board worksession. This report documented the County's efforts toward implementing objectives and achieving outcomes. 5/1/2002 7/9/2002    
11. Strategic Plan Update Community Meeting - Status Updates in five goal areas and public comment regarding changes/additions/deletions to adopted Strategic Plan. 9/14/2002 9/14/2002    
12. Staff Comment - Agencies implement their own update processes to solicit comment and garner recommendations to modify the adopted Strategic Plan. 7/31/2002 9/20/2002    
13. BOCS Worksession - County Executive recommends modifications to the adopted Strategic Plan. The BOCS drafts a Strategic Plan update. 10/8/2002 10/8/2002    
14. Public Review & Comment - The draft Strategic Plan update is made available to the public via County libraries and the PWC website. 10/9/2002 11/18/2002    
15. Public Hearing - Public Hearing is held at BOCS meeting to solicit comment on draft Strategic Plan update. 11/19/2002 11/19/2002    
16. 2001-2005 Strategic Plan Update adoption - BOCS adopts update. 11/19/2002 11/19/2002    
17. February 2003 - Strategic Plan Update utilized to develop FY04 Proposed Fiscal Plan. 11/1/2002 2/25/2003    
18. May-June 2003 - Strategic Plan Goal Status Updates presented to the BOCS 5/13/2003 6/17/2003    
19. 2004-2008 Strategic Plan - At a BOCS worksession on June 17, the ACXO presented the process to develop the 2004-2008 Strategic Plan which will guide the FY06-FY09 budgets. 6/17/2003 6/17/2003    
20. 2004-2008 Strategic Issue Identification. 31 Focus Groups held with nearly 500 citizens. 8/20/2003 10/7/2003    
21. 2004-2008 Strategic Issue Selection - Material from strategic issue identification presented to BOCS during a staff-facilitated worksession on October 14. BOCS identified 13 issues for staff to study; CXO recommended one additional. 10/14/2003 10/14/2003    
22. Issue Identification Results - Results of Focus Group Issue Identification sessions presented to Management Staff on 10/15/03 and to Policy Team on 10/20/03. Results were made available on the OEM website. 10/15/2003 10/20/2004    
23. 14 Strategic Issue Analyses include: 10/14/2003 1/13/2004    
24. Strategic Issue Analysis Task Forces created for each of the 14 issue areas.    
25. BOCS Retreat to present 14 Issue Analyses 1/13/2004 1/13/2004    
26. BOCS selects 6 Strategic Goals: Economic Development; Education; Human Services; Public Safety; Transportation; and Community Development 2/10/2004 2/10/2004    
27. BOCS Appoints Task Forces for Community Development, Human Services, Public Safety, and Transportation. Staff will work with PWCS on Education Goal and Economic Development Council will serve as ED Task Force. 2/11/2004 3/30/2004 4/30/2004    
28. Community Meeting - Meeting held July 26 to solicit citizen input into strategic plan strategies and objectives. Comments passed along to Task Forces 7/26/2004 7/26/2004 7/26/2004 7/26/2004    
29. BOCS Worksessions - Task Forces complete work and provide BOCS with recommended community outcomes, strategies and objectives. BOCS holds worksessions to consider, add, deletere Task Force recommendations 9/14/2004 9/14/2004 9/21/2004    
30. Draft Strategic Plan - After completion of BOCS mark-up, the Draft 2004-2008 Strategic Plan was available on the County website for review and comment 9/22/2004 10/12/2004    
31. Public Hearing and Adoption - A public hearing was held on 10/12 to solicit comment on the 2004-2008 Draft Strategic Plan. With no comment received, the Strategic Plan was adopted by the BOCS on 10/12. 10/12/2004 10/12/2004    
32. March 3, 2005 - Inter-agency team convened to establish process to draft and present 2005 Goal Status Reports to BOCS. Goal Chairs selected for five status reports. 3/3/2005 3/3/2005 3/3/2005 3/3/2005    
33. March 9 - 2005 Strategic Plan Status Report process presented to Management Staff 3/9/2005 3/9/2005    
34. Status Report Teams - Teams for the Community Development, Economic Development, Human Services, Public Safety and Transportation Goals develop status reports for Fiscal Year 2005 3/1/2005 6/1/2005 3/1/2005 6/1/2005    
35. May 17, 2005 - Economic Development, Community Development and Transportation Status Reports delivered to BOCS. 5/17/2005 5/17/2005 5/17/2005 5/17/2005    
36. June 21 - Public Safety and Human Services Status Reports delivered to BOCS. 6/21/2005 6/21/2005 6/21/2005 6/21/2005    
37. June 20, 2005 - Community Meeting held on 2005 Strategic Plan Update. 6/20/2005 6/20/2005 6/20/2005 6/20/2005    
38. July 12, 2005 - 2005 Strategic Plan Update worksession held with BOCS. 7/12/2005 7/12/2005 7/12/2005 7/12/2005    
39. 2005 Strategic Plan Update - Public Comment - BOCS Update available at all County libraries and on Internet to solicit public comment. 7/12/2005 8/6/2005    
40. BOCS Public Hearing - Public Hearing to solicit citizen comment on 2005 Strategic Plan Update prior to adoption. 9/6/2005 9/6/2005    
41. 2005 Strategic Plan Update Adoption 9/6/2005 9/6/2005    
42. BOCS Financial Retreat - Presented 'Cost of Achieving Strategic Plan and Comprehensive Plan' to BOCS for reference in developing their FY 07 policy and financial guidance. 8/1/2005 8/1/2005 9/19/2005 9/19/2005    
43. Prioritization Worksession - The BOCS reviewed the adopted Strategic Plan to provide policy guidance in developing the Proposed FY 07 Fiscal Plan. 12/13/2005 1/17/2006 12/31/2005    
44. FY06 Strategic Plan Status Update process began with a survey of status update team leaders on effectiveness of data gathering process used previously. The majority wanted the process to stay the same with added time to gather the required data. 5/15/2006 5/22/2006    
45. Team leaders met on 6/13/06 to discuss the process and expectations. FY06 data will be gathered in the months of June through August to be reported to the BOCS tentatively at the end of September. 6/13/2006 6/13/2006    
46. Community meeting was held September 18, 2006 to obtain citizen input into the update process. The Community provided input based on achievement of the current plan and current issues. 9/18/2006 9/18/2006    
47. Board of County Supervisorsí began its annual work session on the Strategic Plan update. Board deferred action until 11/21/06 for further review. 10/24/2006 10/24/2006    
48. Board of County Supervisors provided guidance on changes to the 2004-2008 Strategic Plan strategies and objectives. 11/21/2006 11/21/2006    
49. Meeting with Goal Chairs on FY07 Strategic Plan Status Update. This will be the 3rd update for the 2008 plan. Information will be collected from county-wide staff between July and August 2007. 6/26/2007 6/26/2007    
50. Provided Strategic Plan Process Update to the BOCS. Presentation provided calendars of events for 1) Status Update, 2) Future Commission 2030 and 3) Development of the 2012 Strategic Plan. 7/24/2007 7/24/2007    
51. 2012 Strategic Plan community meetings including youth meetings at the high schools have been scheduled. 9/26/2007 9/26/2007    
52. All general county-wide meetings will be completed as of October 31, 2007. Youth meetings will be completed November 13th. 10/30/2007 10/30/2007    
53. County staff created several venues for citizen's input including a web-survey ranking strategic issues identified by the 2030 Future Commission. 10/30/2007 10/30/2007    
54. Information regarding the process and methods of input have been broadcast over Channel 23 and the local news papers. 10/30/2007 10/30/2007    
55. Staff provided an overview of the 2012 Strategic Plan Citizen Input to the Board. 12/4/2007 12/4/2007    
56. A work session was held with the BOCS in which 12 Strategic Issues were identified for the Issues Analysis Phase. Staff will now complete in-depth research on the issues identified. 1/15/2008 1/15/2008    
57. Management Staff were informed of the Issues Analysis process and are currently identifying those employees who will serve on a Issues Analysis Team. 1/23/2008 1/23/2008    
58. Issues Analysis Training Kick-off was held with employees selected to work on Analysis. Over 100 employees attended but over 200 working on project. 1/31/2008 1/31/2008    
59. Selected Team Leaders for Issues Analysis met with Strategic Plan Coordinator to go over expectations and answer questions. 2/4/2008 2/4/2008    
60. Twelve teams, close to 200 employees, working on Issues Analysis research. Drafts due April 7th to Strategic Plan Coordinator for review. 2/4/2008 4/7/2008    
61. Issues Analysis summaries presented to the Board. 6/25/2008 6/25/2008    
62. Board writes 2012 Strategic Plan Goals: Economic Development and Transportation; Education; Human Resources; and Public Safety. 7/22/2008 8/5/2008    
63. Public Hearing for the adoption of the 2012 Strategic Plan Goal Statements. 9/9/2008 9/16/2008    
64. Board members begin to appoint members of the county to Strategic Plan Goal Task Forces. 9/9/2008 9/16/2008    
65. Identified citizen task force members sent a letter to thank them for their service and inform them the Kick-off meeting is set for September 29, 2008. 9/19/2008 9/19/2008    
66. Taskforces have been meeting on a weekly basis to craft the community outcomes and strategies for over a month. Their intended due date is December 12, 2008. 10/8/2008 10/8/2008    
67. Taskforce received an update regarding the information provided to the BOCS at their financial retreat. 11/10/2008 11/10/2008    
68. Strategic Plan Taskforces completed their tasks for staff review and costing of strategies. 12/12/2008 12/12/2008    
69. Human Services and Economic Development and Transportation's taskforces recommendations for community outcomes and strategies were presented to the Board along with an estimated cost of the strategy. 1/6/2009 1/6/2009    
70. Members from CORE 2 (the county's higher educational institutes, Prince William County Schools and local businesses) composed Education outcomes and strategies for partnerships regarding post-secondary and vocational opportunities in the county. 1/16/2009 1/16/2009    
71. Public Safety's taskforces recommendations for community outcomes and strategies were presented to the Board along with the estimated cost of each strategy. 2/3/2009 2/3/2009    
72. Board adopts the 2012 Strategic Plan (Goals, Outcomes, Strategies). 3/3/2009 3/3/2009    
73. Staff are currently writing the objectives (action steps) that will make the 2012 Community Outcomes successful over the course of the plan. 4/13/2009 4/13/2009    
74. Staff are currently indicating which community outcome their agency supports either via a primary link or a secondary link. 4/13/2009 4/13/2009    
75. Objective teams have been working on creating and gathering current and projected data for the 2012 Strategic Plan objectives. These objectives will be provided to the board in Oct. 4/20/2009 4/20/2009    
76. The 2012 Strategic Plan objectives were presented to the board in October of 2009. The plan is now in full swing. 10/13/2009 10/13/2009    

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