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Project Name: ES: Yorkshire Lane/Watershed: Bull Run
Project Type: Drainage Improvement
Project Description: (Project Code Number: 5616). The community is experiencing storm water flooding and standing water in their yards. The project involves the study, analysis, design and improvement to the existing storm water management system.
Project Manager: Khalid Quraishi     send an email
Alternate Manager: Vakil A. Khan     
Agency Name: Department of Public Works- Environmental Services QPR?: Yes
Magisterial District: Brentsville
Original Budget: $80,000.00

Revised Budget:

Original Start Date: 4/15/2004

Revised Start Date:

Original End Date: 3/30/2005

Revised End Date:

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Funding Source    


Budget Amount
Budget Amount
Funding Date

1. To be determined (CIP or VDOT Revenue Sharing)

$80,000.00 $120,000.00
Total Amount: $80,000.00 $120,000.00

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Task/MileStone Start Date
Original Revised
End Date
Original Revised
1. Right of Entry / Project information to the impacted property owners 4/15/2004 8/31/2004 4/3/2005    
2. Field Survey + Additional Field Survey 9/1/2004 4/3/2005 11/30/2004 8/11/2006    
3. Design 12/6/2004 8/11/2006 1/6/2005 1/12/2007    
4. Design review by the staff, and coordinate with the County Transportation Dept. to determine the project qualifies as a County/VDOT Revenue Sharing Project 1/10/2005 1/12/2007 2/25/2005 12/29/2008    
5. Cost estimate, fund allocation, and submission application for VDOT Land Use Permit 2/25/2005 12/29/2008 3/4/2005 3/31/2009    
6. Material purchase and Construction (contingent upon availability of funds) 3/5/2005 3/31/2009 3/30/2005 6/30/2009    

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