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Project Name: DPRT: Broad Run Greenway (Project# 16C13018)
Project Type: New Construction
Project Description: Broad Run Creek Trail: Connecting Communities from RT.28 to Rollins Ford Rd.
Project Manager: Brendon C. Hanafin     send an email
Alternate Manager:     
Agency Name: Parks & Recreation QPR?: Yes
Magisterial District: Brentsville
Original Budget: $780,345.00

Revised Budget:

Original Start Date: 7/1/2011

Revised Start Date:

Original End Date: 6/30/2023

Revised End Date:

Last Updated On: 11/15/2022 Maps  Pictures  Documents

Funding Source    


Budget Amount
Budget Amount
Funding Date

1. General Fund

$295,563.00 --- 5/10/2016

2. Proffers

$484,782.00 --- 5/10/2016
Total Amount: $780,345.00 $780,345.00

Tasks/Milestones     Show GANTT Chart
Task/MileStone Start Date
Original Revised
End Date
Original Revised
1. Paciulli submitted task order January 5, 2015. PO approved 05/20/2015 1/5/2015 5/20/2015 6/30/2015 11/30/2016 Gary Rzepecki  
2. Geo-tech work completed 4/7/16. 2/1/2016 4/7/2016 Gary Rzepecki  
3. BOCS approved $400,000 proffer transfer 7/1/2016 1/5/2016 7/1/2016 Gary Rzepecki  
4. Engineering is in progress for steep slope to create a ramp, and boardwalk system with railings to withstand a 10-year event. Estimated completion date is 02/2017. 10/5/2016 2/28/2017 Gary Rzepecki  
5. Minor Site Plan submitted 11/29/16. *Approved 1/13/17 11/29/2016 1/13/2017 Gary Rzepecki  
6. PO issued on March 24, 2017 to Creative Pultrusions,Inc. for the design of the superstructure components. 3/24/2017 4/5/2017 Matt White  
7. Structural plans were corrected by engineer on 4/5/17. Resubmission of plans for DSB Structural Review by 5/31/17. 4/5/2017 5/31/2017 Matt White  
8. Received engineered constructability review and cost estimate from third party firm Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP on 4/7/17. Park Staff reviewing costs. 3/23/2017 4/7/2017 Matt White  
9. Building Plans for the Kingsbrooke Slope boardwalk approved on 5/24/17 5/24/2017 5/24/2017 Matt White  
10. Parks Staff meeting with Land Development and Watershed to change the way soft surface trails are designed, and built. 8/17/2017 8/17/2017 Matt White  
11. Next step- Building trail to Kingsbrooke Slope for construction access. Need additional funds to complete. 9/30/2017 9/30/2017 Matt White  
12. •Supervisor Lawson and two Brentsville representatives from the Trails & Blueways Council will walk the Broad Run Greenway to determine next steps. 6/4/2018 6/4/2018 Matt White  
13. The walk with Supervisor Lawson and her appointees occurred on 5/11/18. We had the endorsement of all the attendees to move forward prioritizing new trail development and upgrading existing trail corridors within the Broad Run to enhance the user experience, increase trail mileage, and create feasible construction access to the Kingsbrooke segment. 5/11/2018 5/11/2018 Matt White  
14. DPR staff will work to develop and implement a trail master plan for the linear park while continuing to research feasible solutions for the Kingsbrooke boardwalk segment of the Greenway. 5/11/2018 5/11/2018 Matt White  
15. Flood damage to two bridges following heavy rains on July 21-22, 2018. The 50’ long pre-fab bridge located northeast of Linton Hall Road & The 45’ long pre-fab bridge crossing Rocky Branch near Hunting Cove Place will require minor repairs. 7/21/2018 7/21/2018 Matt White  
16. In process to select A/E firm to design new bridge abutments. 3/15/2019 3/15/2019 Matt White  
17. We have identified two bridges on the Broad Run Trail which will need to be removed and one that needs foundation repair, we don’t have a date from ES on the removal yet. 10/23/2019 10/23/2019 Matt White  
18. Bridge removed and stored at Valley View Park maintenance yard. 2/1/2020 2/1/2020 Matt White  
19. Coordination with PWC Watershed and VDEQ for permitting compliance clarification, bridge constructability report pending. 5/1/2020 5/1/2020 Matt White  
20. Bridge removed and stored at Valley View Park maintenance yard. 8/5/2020 8/5/2020 Matt White  
21. Working on a task order for evaluation of the existing bridge and design of the project. 1/25/2021 1/25/2021 Matt White  
22. Field survey work completed. 7/30/2021 7/30/2021 Matt White  
23. •Coordinating review of hydraulic modeling with Watershed to determine best design alternative within the FEMA Floodway. 11/8/2021 11/8/2021 Matt White  
24. Additional change order with AE to include CLOMR/LOMR services as required by Development Services 2/24/2022 2/24/2022 Matt White  
25. •35% design received for staff review 6/3/2022 6/3/2022 Matt White  
26. Design review meeting held with Lardner Klein 7/29/2022 7/29/2022 Matt White  
27. Survey of four additional floodplain cross-sections by RiceAssoc. RK&K preparing CLOMR package for PWC Watershed review 8/19/2022 8/19/2022 Matt White  
28. Survey crew final data collection on October 17th. 10/17/2022 10/17/2022 Matt White  

Comments/Issues     Show All Issues

1. Service/Policy Issues   



5/11/2017Issues with access and constructability of the section has required a new approach. Parks staff is going to prioritize designing and building the trail section from Hunting Cove to the steep slope area. This will also be a future construction access point.
2/1/2017Each trail gap needs to have an easement platted, surveyed and a signed agreement in place before we can construct.

2. Schedule/Timing Issues     



3/7/2016Project resumed
2/1/2016Adverse weather has setback Geo-Tech work.

3. Fiscal/Resource Issues     



11/1/2017Total Estimated Capital Cost of Project: $2,948,647.20 Current project has $218,000 need an additional $2,730,647 to complete.
5/11/2017Additional funds needed to complete the whole trail
4/10/2015Due to BOCS request to reevaluate tax rate, project on hold until April, 2015

4. Impact on Other Projects