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Project Name: FCM: Animal Shelter 17C15003
Project Type: New Construction and Potential Renovation
Project Description: Provide 28,000 square feet of new space for the Animal Shelter. The new shelter will be constructed on the same site where it is currently located. Upon completion, the existing building will be demolished and the parking lot completed.*** The project constructs a new animal shelter at the existing shelter location at Independent Hill on Dumfries Road. The project will replace aging trailers where staff is housed, and several aging/deteriorating outbuildings used for storage. Construction of the new facility will be performed while the existing facility remains operational. When the new facility is complete and occupied, the demolition of the existing facility will begin, followed by the construction of the new parking lot and site work. Features of the new facility will include expanded animal adoption areas, quarantine and visitation areas, staff training area, veterinarian support space, feed and equipment storage areas, exam and grooming rooms, stray animal kennels, and space to address surge capacity related to animal cruelty and hoarding cases. The design will be in full compliance with Association of Shelter Veterinarians facility standards.
Project Manager: Christopher D. Phillips     send an email
Alternate Manager: Karen L. FitzGibbon     
Agency Name: Facilities Construction Management QPR?: Yes
Magisterial District: Coles
Original Budget: $16,724,525.00

Revised Budget:

Original Start Date: 9/1/2016

Revised Start Date:

Original End Date: 1/31/2021

Revised End Date:

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Funding Source    


Budget Amount
Budget Amount
Funding Date

1. Bond - Animal Shelter (CBD18001)

$1,600,000.00 --- 7/1/2020

2. Bond - Animal Shelter (CBD18001)

$14,124,525.00 --- 9/1/2017

3. FY15 year end funds (CGF17001)

$1,000,000.00 --- 7/1/2016
Total Amount: $16,724,525.00 $16,724,525.00

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Task/MileStone Start Date
Original Revised
End Date
Original Revised
1. Request for Proposal 9/1/2016 12/1/2016    
2. Design 12/1/2016 12/1/2016 5/31/2018 2/1/2019    
3. Permitting 6/1/2018 3/1/2019 9/30/2018 10/30/2019    
4. Construction Bid and Award 10/1/2018 11/1/2019 1/31/2019 2/1/2020    
5. Construction 2/1/2019 5/1/2020 12/31/2020 11/1/2021    
6. Occupancy/open 2/1/2021 11/1/2021 2/1/2021 2/1/2022    
7. Post-occupancy/warranty 2/1/2021 12/1/2021 2/1/2022 12/1/2022    

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