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Project Name: DPR: Hellwig Park Restroom/Concession Stand (Project# 16C13015)
Project Type: New Construction
Project Description: Construction of Hellwig Park Restroom/Concession Stand
Project Manager: Tracy L. Hannigan     send an email
Alternate Manager:     
Agency Name: Parks & Recreation QPR?: Yes
Magisterial District: Coles
Original Budget: $350,000.00

Revised Budget:

Original Start Date: 9/1/2014

Revised Start Date:

Original End Date: 6/30/2017

Revised End Date:

Last Updated On: 11/15/2017 Maps  Pictures  Documents

Funding Source    


Budget Amount
Budget Amount
Funding Date

1. Proffer

$350,000.00 $786,726.00 7/1/2015
Total Amount: $350,000.00 $786,726.00

Tasks/Milestones     Show GANTT Chart
Task/MileStone Start Date
Original Revised
End Date
Original Revised
1. Proposal submitted 11/19/14.Task Order Rcvd:12/15/2014 PO approved 12/31/2016 11/19/2014 12/31/2016 Ron Lilley  
2. First plan submission received Feb. 2015 12/31/2015 2/1/2016 Ron Lilley  
3. Site Plans submitted 2/1/2016 5/2/2016 Ron Lilley  
4. Bids received 8/25/2016 8/25/2016 11/22/2016 Ron Lilley  
5. BOCS approved proffer funds, PWCSA credits use, and construction contract on 12/13/16. 12/13/2016 1/12/2017 Ron Lilley  
6. Construction began 1/12/16. Soil pad, underslab utilities, footings, and building slab installed. 1/13/2017 3/1/2017 Ron Lilley  
7. Completed installation of building framing on 3/13/17, windows 3/29/17, sheathing and roof 3/30/17. 2/27/2017 3/30/2017 Ron Lilley  
8. Masonry completed 4/7/17. 4/3/2017 4/7/2017 Ron Lilley  
9. Plumbing and Electrical Rough-Ins completed 4/17/17 4/3/2017 4/17/2017 Ron Lilley  
10. Wall concealment completed 4/24/17 4/21/2017 4/24/2017 Ron Lilley  
11. Sidewalk/apron completed 5/2/17 4/28/2017 5/2/2017 Ron Lilley  
12. Asphalt path along the whole frontage of the new building completed 5/1/2017 5/9/2017 Ron Lilley  
13. Water & Sewer service completed 5/1/2017 6/13/2017 Ron Lilley  
14. Building passed fund Inspection on 6/29/17 6/29/2017 6/29/2017 Ron Lilley  
15. Fire Marshall issued Certificate of Occupancy on 6/30/17. 6/30/2017 6/30/2017 Ron Lilley  
16. Project Completed 6/30/2017 6/30/2017 Ron Lilley  

Comments/Issues     Show All Issues

1. Service/Policy Issues   




2. Schedule/Timing Issues     



6/1/2017Water and Electric services did not complete in May as anticipated, with rainy weather being a factor and water line location not as indicated by PWCSA
11/22/2016Determined that the Contractor would not hold his bid price long enough after the BOCS action to enable contract execution before the bid expires. Now rebidding the construction contract, and targeting 12/13/16 BOCS Meeting for authorization to contract, based on bid receipt date of 11/22/16.
1/3/2015Schedule delay due to civil engineer’s difficulty ensuring the sewer system (force main) has adequate capacity, and that the electrical cabinet (up by baseball fields) will support the building’s electrical load. Site plan submittal schedule shifted from Jan 2015 to March 2015. Bidding schedule adjusted.

3. Fiscal/Resource Issues     



12/13/2016On 12/13 BOCS Agenda approval of additional funding with proffer funds ($367,500) and use of $111,090 of PWCSA non-cash credit for water and sewer connection fees.

4. Impact on Other Projects