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Fiscal Year 2021, Second Quarter
Current QPR Projects for Agency

Department of Transportation

DOT: Ashdale Avenue Sidewalk
DOT: Dale Blvd (North Side-Coles D) Kirkdale Dr. to Delaney
DOT: Mountain Road Improvements
DOT: USMC Heritage Center
DOT: Benita Fitzgerald Drive
DOT: Burwell Road Pave-in-Place
DOT: Cardinal Drive Sidewalk
DOT: Dale Boulevard Sidewalk Ashdale Avenue to Gideon Drive
DOT: Discovery Boulevard
DOT: Fuller Heights Road Sidewalk
DOT: James Madison Highway (Route 15)
DOT: Linton Hall Road
DOT: Manassas Airport Access Road
DOT: Minnieville Road West (Cardinal Drive - Spriggs Road)
DOT: Old Bridge Road Sidewalk/Trail - Oakwood Drive to Old Bridge Elementary School
DOT: PW Parkway Intersection with Minnieville Road
DOT: Rippon Boulevard Asphalt Trail