Upcoming Opportunities

Prince William County expects to advertise the below solicitations in the near future. All forecasted procurements are subject to revision or cancellation. Upcoming opportunity information is for planning purposes only and is not a commitment by the County to purchase the listed products and services.

Solicitation DescriptionSolicitation TypeContract Specialist
Actuarial and Administrative ServicesRequest for ProposalMOONE, MS. LORNA
Planimetric and Topographic GIS DataRequest for ProposalSIDDIQI, MR. MOHAMMAD
Arbitrage Rebate Calculations Agent ServicesRequest for ProposalMOONE, MS. LORNA
Body Scanner for the PWMRADCRequest for ProposalALLEN, MS. TRANICE O
Medical Supplies for ADCInvitation to BidALLEN, MS. TRANICE O
Integrated Pest Management & Wildlife Removal ServicesInvitation to BidABU HAMDAN, MR. MAEN H
Jack and BoreInvitation to BidHUFF, MR. TORRY