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The Prince William County Purchasing Regulations require that all firms register with the County prior to receiving a contract award. An approved vendor may receive notice of solicitations that fall within the selected capabilities.

If you have any questions/problems with vendor registration please contact the Prince William County Vendor Team at 703-792-8060 or via email [email protected]

Due to legal and security issues, each vendor must complete his/her own online registration at our secure website. Each vendor will create an User ID and Password and make any future changes to their information in our database.

DISCLAIMER: All goods and services procured by Prince William County must have a corresponding Purchase Order from the County's Procurement Services Department. All correspondence initiated by Prince William County will be done via the official trusted domain ( It is the responsibility of each Vendor to verify the legitimacy of all purchase orders prior to fulfillment.

Vendor Login

If you are already a Prince William County Vendor,

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Instructions to update supplier contacts

Vendor Registration

If you are not yet a Prince William County Vendor,

Please click the "Vendor Registration" button to register as a new vendor:

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Instructions to prospective supplier registration

The Public School System and Service Authority each have their own independent Purchasing Departments. Specific information can be obtained by contacting the following:

Service Authority: 703-335-7900

School System: 703-791-8743