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Coming Soon: Prince William County will be implementing Multi-Factor Authentication to safeguard vendor community account and information. More information on the timeline and process will be shared shortly.

The Prince William County Procurement Regulations require that all firms register with the County prior to receiving a contract award. An approved vendor may receive notice of solicitations that fall within the selected capabilities.

If you have any questions/problems with vendor registration please contact the Prince William County Vendor Team at 703-792-8060 or via email [email protected]

Due to legal and security issues, each vendor must complete his/her own online registration at our secure website. Each vendor will create an User ID and Password and make any future changes to their information in our database.

DISCLAIMER: All goods and services procured by Prince William County must have a corresponding Purchase Order from the County's Procurement Services Department. All correspondence initiated by Prince William County will be done via the official trusted domain ( It is the responsibility of each Vendor to verify the legitimacy of all purchase orders prior to fulfillment.

Vendor Login

If you are already a Prince William County Vendor,

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Instructions to update supplier contacts

Vendor Registration

If you are not yet a Prince William County Vendor,

Please click the "Vendor Registration" button to register as a new vendor:

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Instructions to prospective supplier registration

The Public School System and Service Authority each have their own independent Purchasing Departments. Specific information can be obtained by contacting the following:

Service Authority: 703-335-7900

School System: 703-791-8743