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Fiscal Year 2021, Second Quarter
Current QPR Projects for Location


BG: Replacement of Capital Items in County Facilities for FY06
DOT: Mountain Road Improvements
DOT: Gainesville Magisterial District Street Lighting
DOT: James Madison Highway (Route 15)
DOT: Logmill Road Improvements (Parnell Court to Route 15)
DOT: Route 55/Catharpin Road Intersection
DOT: Transportation Worksession Update
DPR:Barron Park -Playground Replacement (Project# 18C13003)
DPR:James Long & Hammill Mill Park Court Repairs (Project# 18C13013)
DPR:Splashdown Filters (Project#18C13009)
DPRT: Catharpin Park Phase II- To create six rectangular fields(Copy)
DPRT: Long Park Auxiliary Building (Project# 19C13002)
DPRT:ADA Compliance (Project# 18C13001)
ES: 13249 Catharpin Valley Drive/Watershed: Bull Run
ES: 1509 Summit Drive/Bull Run
ES: 15914 Warburton Drive/Watershed: Bull Run (NEW)