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Fiscal Year 2023, Second Quarter
Complete QPR Projects

ES: Irongate Community/ Watershed: Bull Run
ES: Lake Ridge Section 14K / Watershed: Occoquan River
ES: Lakeview Drive and Ontario Road / Watershed: Broad Run
ES: Mellott Road / Watershed: Neabsco Creek
ES: Perry Street/Watershed: Quantico Creek
ES: Phase I of Orange Street/Watershed: Quantico Creek
ES: Pond (#257) Retrofit at Knightshayes Drive/Occoquan River Watershed
ES: Pond (#51) Retrofit at Armstead Street/Marumsco Creek Watershed (New)
ES: Possum Point Road / Watershed: Quantico
ES: Prince William Parkway Landscape Plantings
ES: Rippon Boulevard Landscape Plantings
ES: Slope Failure Evaluation at Newport Estates
ES: Stream Protection Strategy for PWC
ES: SWMP at Bright Leaf Court/Watershed: Neabsco Creek
ES: Wexford Storm Water Pond / Watershed: Neabsco Creek
ESD: 1948 Richmond Avenue
ESD: Cow Branch Phase 3
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