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Fiscal Year 2023, Second Quarter
Complete QPR Projects

ESD: Deerfield Estates
ESD: Dewey's Creek Reach 1 Stream Restoration
ESD: Dewey's Creek Reach 2 Stream Restoration
ESD: Deweys Creek Reach 4 Restoration
ESD: East Longview Stream Stabilization Project
ESD: Flat Branch (From Tributary A to Lomond Drive) / Watershed: Bull Run
ESD: Hopewells Landing - 7800 Zeeland Place
ESD: Hylbrook Park Stream Restoration
ESD: Lakeview Estates (Huron Drive)
ESD: Marumsco Creek Regional Storm Water Mgmt. Ponds / Watershed: Marumsco Creek
ESD: Neabsco Creek Bandalong
ESD: Oak Street Channel Stabilization
ESD: Reach 5 Stream Restoration / SWM Facility 489 Retrofit
ESD: Stream Bank Restoration at 7828 Oak Street/Watershed: Bull Run
ESD: Sudley Place Reforestation and Bioretention
ESD: SWM Facility #109 - Water Quality Retrofit
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