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Fiscal Year 2021, Second Quarter
Complete QPR Projects

NS: Cardinal Drive Landscape Plantings
NS: John Marshall Hwy and Gallerher Road
NS: Occoquan Commuter Lot Landscaping
NS: Prince William Pkwy @Hillendale and Hoffman
NS: Prince William Pkwy and Smoketown Road
NSD: Caton Hill Crape Myrtle Transplant
NSD: Dale Blvd Ornamental Landscaping
NSD: Innovation Fence Relocation
NSD: Innovation Park Signs Landscaping
NSD: Jefferson Davis Hwy South Phase II
Occoquan Watershed - Study of Four Subwatersheds
OEM: Strategic Planning
OIT: Public Safety 800 MHz Digital Trunked Radio System
Old Linton Hall Rd Landscaping Buffer
PA: Forest Greens Golf Club Expansion
PA: Pfitzner Stadium Improvements
PA: Prince William Golf Course Renovation
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