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Fiscal Year 2019, First Quarter
Current QPR Projects for Location


DPR:ADA Compliance (Project# 18C13001)
ES: 10848 Quail Creek Lane/Watershed: Occoquan River
ES: 13299 Amblewood Drive/Watershed: Powells Creek
ES: 14041 Holly Forest Drive/Watershed: Powells Creek
ES: 4954/4956 Linsey Court / Watershed: Neabsco Creek
ES: 6502 O'Brien Court/Watershed: Powells Creek
ES: 7554 Knightshayes Drive/Occoquan River Watershed
ES: Gallaudet Court/Watershed: Occoquan River
ES: Pond (#257) Retrofit at Knightshayes Drive/Occoquan River Watershed
ES: SWMP at Bright Leaf Court/Watershed: Neabsco Creek
ESD: Flat Branch (From Tributary A to Lomond Drive) / Watershed: Bull Run
ESD: Oak Street Channel Stabilization
ESD: Stream Bank Restoration at 7828 Oak Street/Watershed: Bull Run
FC: Juvenile Detention Home Expansion - Phase II
FC: Phase III Administration Building
FCM: Coles District Fire and Rescue Station # 6
FCM: PWC Animal Shelter Expansion